"Manifestation is a crazy thing. It all starts with an idea eventually becoming tangible, showing fact & fruition from an "abstract" idea. However, the most difficult part is getting all your variables to align.

For this capsule, our art department worked up a slogan that worked : let the children sing. It felt right. It echoes the sorrows of past & present, relevant to those who understand the suppression inflicted by socio-economic-classes.

Surely times are changing, but the shifts not significant enough. Powered by the masses, the people of the streets are amidst a post-internet era revolution. We find art in a world so cruel, & teach those around us ways to survive, happily.

Now more than ever, on the verge of the new revolution, we are all artists.

We all have our own remedies--share yours with someone.

Our successes lay in our hands; we teach one another to acknowledge struggle & befriend anyone in dire need, because we, as the people as one, must teach each other how important it is to enjoy each day--there are lessons in struggles as there are in wins.

Every move we make now, individually, or as a society, is for the future.

You'll never know if you never tried, because there's only one way to find out.

Remember, it's good for the soul:

Let the Children Play.

This promo (caseyrant's collaborative lookbook video) all derived from one of those abstracts. While sitting in Rant's garage, listening to his eclectic range of conceptual beats, the psychedelic idea for the video immersed.

Because of our similar minds & hustle; we then sat & wondered which beat deserved a video...deciding to run with "Western" -- a funky baseline transcending thru genres & time.

All from within the confinement of a garage & a limelight casted by a projector screen, we created another project.

Because if you don't do it yourself, don't do it at all. "